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How to Register Adsense Full Approved 2019

The latest article this time is about a more detailed discussion about how to register google adsense so that it is quickly accepted / approved. If you need questions, please ask in the comments column or contact us via email. 
How are tips on how to register Google Adsense 2019 so that it is quickly accepted? 

this is a question that always haunts those who are always rejected when registering as publishers of adsense ads! 

Because, indeed everything is not as easy and beautiful as what we have discussed, sometimes the adsense ad publisher has to accept sometimes it is sometimes difficult sometimes easy, if the fate is good, want to go directly received by google adsense in less than 24 hours, but for those who have repeatedly registered their websites, they always get rejected.

Important Points How To Register For Google AdSense To Be Quickly Received Here are some important points that you should know before registering a Google Adsense ad publisher to quickly get approval / be accepted: Buy and use a custom domain name, for example: Create a domain-specific email address, such as this example; Add legal pages like About, Contacts, and Privacy. 

Make sure you use an easy and clean design. Don't use other ads. Have at least 10-15 well-written blog posts with unique content, and not as a result of pasting. Make sure you do not use any copyrighted images or text. 

Make sure you have at least 100 qualified visitors every day. Don't buy traffic
Must be with a custom domain! Well, I will explain why you have to register a custom domain adsense publisher! This is the reason: Will be quickly accepted - Based on the results of my experience browsing on the internet, google adsense will not accept registration of sites with sub-domains (except, sub-domains from blogspot and weebly). 

Increasing Reputation - Many say that a blog site with a custom domain will be more respected than other sites that still use subdomains. In other words, adsense parties are happy with sites that have a good reputation. Customers / followers will increase - Yes, it can be said like this, because for those visitors that the site with custom in the game can be more trusted. 

In conclusion, the more followers on your blog site, the easier you can be accepted as a publisher of adsense ads. Ranking of sites increases - Some say, sites with custom domain rankings in search results like Google, Bing, etc. will increase (maybe topped). 

Conclusion, it will not be possible for adsense to accept sites without visitors, while some of the traffic sources are mostly from search engines, and others may be from social media.
Must make a special page like about, contact, privacy and disclaimer! Of course it is very important if a site has pages like about, contact, privacy and disclaimer.

Must use a site that is as friendly as possible! This has something to do with the SEO of a site, so you need to read it in more detail in my article about the New Breakthrough! 
How to Make a 100% Super SEO Website Cannot use other ads when registering for Adsense! Based on my observations, not all advertisements originating from advertising / publisher service providers are safe, some use malicious scripts. 

It would be nice, if you would sign up to be a publisher of adsense ads you should uninstall all ads on your site. My advice is just to focus on adsense.

Have 10-15 unique articles, free from copy paste!

 In my opinion 6 articles alone are enough, in other words the article has good quality, unique and most importantly do not copy and paste. 6 unique articles, and I can compete in search engines, I think it's enough.

Don't use images / text that have copyright! The point is to anticipate that things don't happen with the image owner. It's best to avoid using copyrighted images. 

100 visitors per day! In essence, your site must be a site that has a minimum of 100 visitors per day, it would be nice if your site is crowded with visitors / above 500 or even thousands of visitors per day.