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Info Update Rules Of Survival Mobile 19 Desember 2018

*The maintenance times above are subject to change, but we will do our up most to get back up and running ASAP.   
1. New Content
- The testing for RoS Ultra has begun. Ghillie Island - Ranked will test the upgrade of graphics to RoS Ultra.
- In RoS Ultra, time changes between night and day in-game and a corresponding time interface has been added. After going to Ghillie Island in RoS Ultra, players can see the current time and weather on the game interface. In-game time is randomly selected when a game starts. As the game progresses, time will gradually elapse and switch between night and day;
- In RoS Ultra doors can now be smashed to pieces. Local damage to doors will occur when players shoot doors;

2. Experience Optimization
- This week we have made some adjustments to the feel and damage of all sorts of weapons to reinforce the distinct characteristics and differences between weapons. Players will need to consider the environment of the battlefield whenchoosing a weapon. Details are as follows:
- Rifle adjustments: damage from ranged fire increased; reduced the recoil fromsome firearms, and increased the v-recoil limit, while also slightly reducing damage from single shots. Changes concern: M249, AN94, AUG, QBZ;
- SMG adjustments: damage from ranged fire decreased; increased the v-recoillimit for some weapons. Changes concern: MP7, MP5, P90;
- Crossbow adjustment: reduced v-recoil;
- RPG adjustments: Notably increased the flight speed of RPGs and significantly reduced the explosion damage to oneself and allies, and significantly reduceddamage to enemy or allied forces behind cover, e.g. a wall;
- Added Jump From Vehicle Damage: Jumping from a vehicle moving at high speedand launching an attack with equipped weaponry is an overly effective tactic and players that utilize this tactic need to be reminded of the dangers of jumping from high-speed vehicles. Players will now receive damage when jumping from vehicles. The higher the speed the higher the damage;
- Improved the auto-open door feature: response range has been increased;
- Modified the default graphics setting for some phone models;
- Game supports Huawei Honor 8x Max, Vivo Y97 and Vivo X23;
- Optimized the settings for graphics on the settings interface. Graphics willno longer be switched immediately after settings have been changed. Changes will only occur after players close the settings interface.

3. Optimized UI
- A change-name interface has been added to My Page;
- When the movement thumb stick is moved to the right side of the screen through customization, the zones of action for movement and aiming controls will switch sides. When the movement thumb stick is on the left side of the screen, the bottom-left of the screen is responsible for movement and the right side of the screen responsible for aiming. However, when movement controls are located onthe right side of the screen, the bottom-right of the screen will be responsible for movement and the left side of the screen will then be used for aiming.

4. Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where the camera may pass through the interior of the wall as aplayer changes camera angle whilst in close proximity of a wall;
- Repaired the abnormal display of vehicles
’ special effects;
- Repaired an issue concerning the adaptation of backpacks on edge-to-edge screens;
- Repaired an issue where the smashable door function may cause the game to quit unexpectedly;
- Repaired an issue concerning low probability of deviating ballistic trajectory when firing weapons.

-The Rules of Survival Development and Community Team

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